Boring Rich Men Post Endless (Big) Cat Photos on Instagram

The unimaginably wealthy are not so different from your unspeakably boring friends, always just posting photos of their cats. BuzzFeed’s Katie Notopoulos noticed that certain rich guys in the Persian Gulf —  where big cats are “the ultimate status symbol” — can’t stop sharing photos of their animal pals on Instagram.

Lion by a Lamborghini. Lions by the Jacuzzi. Cheetah on a Rolls; cheetah on a speedboat. Liger by a Lambo. We get it.  Aww, sweet, he’s swatting at your face! Ooooaww, he’s got your whole head in his mouth. Animals are spontaneous and unpredictable and cute and affectionate and so forth. Sometimes they like to sit atop things that aren’t chairs. They seem intrigued by, but also hateful of, water. Seen it once, seen it a million times.

Boring Rich Men Instagram Photos of Their Lions