Boys Are Waffles, Girls Are Spaghetti, and Other Sex Ed Lies

In honor of the Texas teenagers who walked out of an assembly with faith-based relationship guru Justin “#Lookadouche” Lookadoo (it included jokes about how women are vindictive back-stabbers who can’t drive, according to one student’s account), Mother Jones has curated a little hall of fame of the country’s worst abstinence educators. 

My personal favorite is Shelly Donohue, of Colorado’s WAIT (Why Am I Tempted?). In addition to teaching kids that sperm makes girls’ vaginas act like “little Hoover vacuums,” her curriculum includes an edible take on Men Are from Mars. The Casper Star-Tribune reported:

“Boys are like waffles, compartmentalizing feelings, while girls are like spaghetti, with their feelings about parts of their lives entangled, Donohue told students while holding up a bag of noodles. Donohue also told the students that in high school, ‘Girls are more feelings-oriented, and boys are more facts oriented,’ she said. She told them boys tend to like math, science and numbers.”

Don’t worry, WAIT’s received millions in federal funding.

Boys Are Waffles, Girls Are Noodles: Sex Ed Lies