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Cara Delevingne Couldn’t Get a Boyfriend Because of Eyeliner

Photo: Kevin Tachman/Getty Images

Did you know that misplaced eyeliner on a supermodel can repel boys faster than floppy hats or wedge sneakers? Cara Delevingne does! And she knows from personal experience. In an interview with Vogue UK about previous beauty disasters, Delevingne revealed that she once felt a strong affection for inner eyeliner that left her single and undesirable. Hmmm.

“I didn’t understand what it looked like, and that it just made my eyes look really small. No wonder I didn’t have a boyfriend,” she told the magazine. She also had cornrows and blue clip-on extensions. She’s also been rumored to have dated Jake Bugg (a floppy-haired British Bob Dylan type), Harry Styles (well, you know who he is), her Nigerian movie co-star, Aki Omoshaybi (the other third of a purported Harry Styles love triangle), Gaz Beadle (a young British bro nicknamed “The Parsnip” for his “impressive” manhood), and Jay Electronica (baby daddy to Erykah Badu).  Sorting out that inner eyeliner problem appears to have worked wonders! eHarmony should really consider adding inner eyeliner intervention to their dating services.

Cara Delevingne Was Single Because of Eyeliner