Clothes Weren’t Tight Enough, So We Invented Spray-On Fabric

There are some fun ways to describe too-tight garments — for example, saying that “it appears a ten-pound sausage was put into a five-pound casing,” or making a joke about bodice rippers, or noting that the clothes seem to be sprayed on. One fateful day, an inventor heard this last description and mistook it for a clothing ideal. A spray-on blouse! How fantastical, like something from Willy Wonka’s Clothing Emporium! Wondrous! 

Thus, the latest thing is clothes from a bottle —  a spray called Fabrican, which has been in development for a decade. The liquid consists of short fibers mixed with a solvent and a binder. It can be sprayed directly onto the skin and molds to your body specifically. You have an excuse not to share your sprayed-on garments; they fit you and only you. Once this item has dried on your body, you carefully remove it. You can even wash it (like a normal thing) and re-wear it (also like a normal thing). And if you hate it so much, ugh, you can just dissolve it and start over

There are a bevy of ways to customize your sartorial spraying. You can layer it up if you want a thicker fabric. You can select different colors for a splashy look. The spray comes in two fashion-forward forms: can and gun.

Clothes Were Too Loose, Spray-On Fabric Invented