The Cut’s Holiday GIF Guide

Photo: 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection

’Tis the season for lots of mandatory family time, awkward high school run-ins, and over-eating. To celebrate all of the feelings you’ll be feeling over the holidays, we’ve put together a festive GIF guide to sum up the special moments heading your way. Enjoy, and please share any personal anecdotes in the comments, because above all, this holiday is about finding comfort in each other’s family stories.

When you get flagged for a bag search at airport security:

When you see your middle-school best friend’s cute older brother at baggage claim:

When you introduce your significant other to your parents:

When you decide to revisit your high-school wardrobe:

When you run into a frenemy from high school at the gas station:

When your parents make you come out to say hello to their friends:

When you see the Thanksgiving buffet spread for the first time:

When your mom tells you the stuffing is gluten-free:

When your aunt tells you about your cousin who just joined the Peace Corps:

When your sister asks if you’re still going to the gym:

When your grandmother asks you why you’re not married … again:

When you’re offered a third piece of pumpkin pie:

When you unbutton your pants at the dinner table:

And then, when your pants won’t zip unless you’re lying down:

When you find out you have to work the day after Thanksgiving:

When someone decides to turn on a football game:

The Cut’s Holiday GIF Guide