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Descriptions of Adam Driver’s ‘Really Big Face’

Adam Driver.
Adam Driver. Photo: Julian Mackler/ NYC

The many colorful descriptions of Adam Driver’s self-professed “really big face” in his New York Times profile:

“I’m like a sight gag.” — Driver
“Worthy of the Mongolian plains …” — unidentified writer
“Powerful … suggests a public monument … ” — Times writer Guy Trebay

“Not a cookie-cutter beauty …” — photographer Inez van Lamsweerde
He has this very big face and eyes that are rather slanted.” — van Lamsweerde
Hooded eyes, strong brow, long nose and wide mouth …” — Trebay 
“Like a cross between ‘Raging Bull’–era De Niro and Nicolas Cage in ‘Moonstruck.’” —Vogue culture editor Valerie Steiker

Or you could just look at his many Gap billboards and see for yourself.

Descriptions of Adam Driver’s ‘Really Big Face’