put it in a love song

Bros Make a Loving Song in Celebration of Sleeping With the Same Girl

This is the story of a beautiful bromance, captured in song. It’s a particular type of bro-lationship, termed “eskimo brothers,” in which two men find out they have bedded the same lady.

One bro caught another bro sleeping with his girlfriend. Rather than duking it out or scowling in fury until one of them passed out from too much jaw-clenching, the two became fast friends and wrote a beautiful song about their beautiful love.

Unfortunately, in addition to their sweet love of one other, there’s a hefty amount of misogyny, girl reviling, and STD allegations. (Bros! We know that you know that the best relationship is not one formed out of revenge, but out of shared experience and love.)

Regardless, their tale is one of old-fashioned American storytelling and bro-love creation, told through melodic human voices and the bro-iest of instrumentation (like three chords on a guitar).

Eskimo Bros Make a Loving Song in Celebration