faking it

Flash Mob Does When Harry Met Sally and Fakes Orgasms Over Sandwiches

Photo: Columbia Pictures/Everett Collection

Once, Katz’s Deli was the scene of an imitated orgasm in a 1989 Nora Ephron movie. And so forevermore it was branded as the home of cinematic fake pleasure, and the people would flock there to think about ordering whatever everyone else was having.

Now, crowd-torture organization Improv Everywhere placed twenty women around the eatery, so they could simultaneously scream and groan and bang on tables and whatever else they assume is part of a Meg Ryan impression.

However, no one grouched, “You are a human affront to all women and I’m a woman!” as they were rearranging deli meats, so you know, the whole exercise was rendered meaningless. Partial credit at best.

Flash Mob Fakes Orgasms Over Sandwiches