Found in Translation: Shooting Streetwear in Tokyo

Photo: Tim Barber

Photographer Tim Barber, the mastermind behind cult photography site Tinyvices, juggles multiple hats: curator, editor, book publisher, and more. After producing gallery exhibitions all over the globe, collaborating with brands like Nike, Stella McCartney, and Opening Ceremony (and publishing monographs with Aperture), the Massachusetts native took a three-year sojourn to reconnect with his first love: photography. For this installment of the Cut’s Out of the Box series, Barber took model Kaya Wilkins and a trunk full of Opening Ceremony collaborations to the streets of Tokyo, using the city as their backdrop over the course of four days.

“I’ve been to Tokyo five times and I love it there so much,” Barber told the Cut. “I always try and explore and run around and go on adventures when I’m there. We didn’t really have much of a plan other than just exploring the city. We got lost, ran around, and had fun — which is my favorite kind of shoot to do. The least contrived kind of approach to doing a fashion story: having an actual experience.” And the perfect approach to a shoot about streetwear.

Click ahead to see how Barber and Wilkins self-styled coveted selections from Opening Ceremony’s fall collection and collaborations — from Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony and Opening Ceremony x Elvis to Kiko Mizuhara for Opening Ceremony Japan. A wave of Tokyo wanderlust will hit you immediately.

Found in Translation: Shooting Tokyo Streetwear