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Four Lingerie Designers Imagined Their Own $10 Million ‘Fantasy Bra’

Today marks the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which means that scantily clad models with big hair, sparkly makeup, barely there lingerie, and gargantuan wings will stomp down the runway to Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy in a few short hours. Among the countless bras (and wings) on the runway will be the $10 million “Royal Fantasy Bra,” an 18-karat gold bra and belt combo designed by Mouawad that features a 52-carat ruby and 4,200 precious gems. In honor of the occasion, we reached out to a small group of lingerie designers and posed the question: What would you create if you had a budget of $10 million? Click through the slideshow to see the creative, jewel-encrusted designs from Samantha Chang, Maayan Zilberman of The Lake & Stars, Nikki Dekker of True&Co., and Robin Levitt of Claudette.

Photo: Nikki Dekker

Nikki Dekker’s High-Tech Bra

“My ideal $10 million bra comes with a car and house in Hudson Valley, so this bra has Bluetooth technology built into it to ignite the autonomous car — no driver’s license needed — that drives you to your new house and lets you into the house upon arrival,” says Dekker. “And because so many of us are wearing our bras as tops, it can also sense your body temperature and heat or cool (like heated car seats!) as needed.”

Photo: Maayan Zilberman

Maayan Zilberman’s “Really Really Really Really $$$$$ Bra”

“Today’s woman isn’t as impressed by diamonds as she is by technology and rarity of experience,” Zilberman says. “This pricey piece is made of faceted and/or powdered moon rock and rare full-spectrum harlequin black opals. Chained together with official NASA O rings plated in platinum, this bra is made for a woman looking for the ultimate luxury lift.”

Photo: Samantha Chang

Samantha Chang’s “Wearable” Fantasy Bra

Chang created a bra that features platinum metal, black diamonds, and 24-karat gold mesh.”This fantasy bra follows my design philosophy, which is to design with simplicity and elegance in mind,” she said. “This generous budget allows for the most mysterious stone, black diamonds, to shine.”

Photo: Robin Levitt

Robin Levitt’s “Diamonds & Pearls” Bra

“Claudette is recognized for bold colors and contrasting trims,” says Robin Levitt. “What could be more bold than our popular fishnet style trimmed with diamonds and pearls? Pure luxury. Our three-piece fishnet bra features black square-cut diamonds, emphasizing seams and contrast. Black and white diamonds are sprinkled about, taking the iconic look of our fishnet fabric into dreamy extravagance. The set is complemented by a black pearl choker on the bra and a harness strung through a black diamond ring on the high-waisted pin-up knicker. It’s an exotic jeweled accessory — part of a collection that was designed to be seen.”

Four Designers Imagine Their Own $10 Million Bra