Lady Gaga vs. Celine Dion, Enormous White Hat Edition

Photo: Splash News, Getty Images

Today, the Internet birthed a fabulous coincidence: A video clip of Celine Dion watching herself sing in the bathroom made the rounds, and Lady Gaga went out in yet another absurd getup. Under most circumstances, these two events wouldn’t be related at all. But today, they sort of were, because Gaga’s ridiculous outfit just so happened to bear a striking resemblance to a different ridiculous outfit that Dion wore to the Oscars in 1999. (It’s still on Us Weekly’s list of Worst Oscar Dresses of All Time.)

Sure, there are some obvious differences between the two looks, but both check most of the same boxes. So thank you, Celine Dion, for emerging back into our consciousness long enough to remind us that even the most ill-advised fashion inevitably gets recycled.

Gaga vs. Celine Dion, Enormous White Hat Edition