the bridle party

A Bride Selects Her Best Friend, a Horse, As Her Bridesmaid

A 28-year-old grown woman made a tally of her best friends and closest companions. She had to select her bridal party. She dotted every I with a heart and decided to be truly honest. And she was left with a gleamingly obvious choice: her thoroughbred mare, Toffee. Yes, this is her wedding, and she can use a plan from her childhood diary, if she wishes. She could cast a horse as her bridesmaid, and recruit butterflies to hold up her veil, and put a kitten in every gift basket.

For her and Toffee’s special day, the horse was draped in a bright-purple bridle, and ribbons were woven into her mane. The other bridesmaid (a human) was asked to match her dress to Toffee’s adornments, so that the bridle party outfits would look seamless and sophisticated. This young woman, presumably holding back tears, reported:

Toffee took longer than me to get ready.  She was definitely in the spotlight.

Before anyone considers this a rash decision, consider that Toffee had been a long-loyal and dear friend of thirteen years, seven years longer than the bride even knew her fiancé. The fiancé, blinded with love and freed of reason, said:

Toffee is part of the family and is so important to me, I even asked her permission to get married … Alex goes to see Toffee twice a day and will spend weekends with her, so I am always competing with her for attention.

While Toffee was forced to remain outside during the service at All Saints Church, the bride rushed to her side after the ceremony was over. She pushed everyone out of the way, and posed with her equine friend. It will be just us soon, she whispered in their secret language. Toffee tossed her flowing mane and tried to eat the camera.

A Horse in the Bridal Party