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Vanessa Hudgens Is A Dead Ringer For Margaret Thatcher

Photo: Getty Images

Vanessa Hudgens has never been afraid to draw inspiration from the past. Usually, it’s from Woodstock (she’s pretty much Coachella-ready at all times), except at last night’s CFDA Awards, where she pulled from a much more British source of inspiration.

The Daily Mail reports that Hudgens looked older than her years — but we couldn’t figure out exactly who she was channeling, so we polled the Cut editors in our chat room:

Diana Tsui: Nancy Reagan.

Kathleen Hou: Bea Arthur.

Kat Stoeffel: Oh my God, the profile view.

Diana: The profile view is like aliens.

Allison Davis: She kinda looks like Janet Leigh in Bye Bye Birdie.

Maggie Lange: The nanny from Eloise.

Sally Holmes: From the side, it just looks like a poodle’s butt.

Thankfully, Glamour UK figured it out — because that hairstyle came from a divining source of their country’s economic policy for three terms. Hudgens firmly channeled someone with a strong immovable sense of folicular and fiscal guidelines; someone who wouldn’t “go wobbly” at crucial moments. That’s right: Hudgens turned herself into Margaret Thatcher.

Vanessa Hudgens Channels Margaret Thatcher