Humans and Foxes: Similarly Beautiful

Photo: Shutterstock

Dr. Irene Elia, a biological anthropologist at Cambridge, has published a paper in the Quarterly Review of Biology that proposes that the mystery behind what makes humans attractive can be answered by looking at a fox breeding experiment in Russia.

This experiment was originally intended to examine foxes’ friendliness towards humans, and so involved breeding nice foxes with one another. But soon, the foxes started to get super adorable! They had rounder and rounder faces and softer and softer features. It seems that both kind personalities and certain physical qualities are linked to hormones like estradiol and neurotransmitters like serotonin — and perhaps the whole thing is linked to the secrets of human attraction!

The world is a spinning wheel of wonder. We truly do learn a new thing each day.

Humans and Foxes: Similarly Beautiful