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Jaimie Alexander Has a Perfectly Reasonable Explanation for That Dress

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

None of us can get visions of Jaimie Alexander’s baffling, porn-y, Morticia Addams-esque Azzaro dress out of our mind since she showed up on the red carpet at the Thor: The Dark World premiere last week. We wondered: Why did she wear a long-sleeve, floor-length, high-neck dress that also exposed pubic bone, sidebutt, and underboob? Also, how? Now, Alexander has supplied the why, telling Yahoo: “I went through so many dresses and I just thought, ‘You know what, this one covers all my tattoos!’” Ah, yes, wrist-to-shoulder cover-up: full coverage where it counts.

The hidden offenders Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images
Jaimie Alexander Has Explanation for That Dress