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Male Gaze: Rob Lowe Is Getting Presidential This Weekend

Photo: FRED DUFOUR/AFP/Getty Images

This Sunday, the blue-eyed, quick-talking heartthrob of the ‘80s (or his entire life) will appear on National Geographic Channel’s Killing Kennedy, playing none other than the titular role of President John F. Kennedy. Lowe has been stealing hearts since his Brat Pack years — during which he wowed fangirls with his superbly sweaty saxophone skills. He also popped up in Austin Powers as “Young Number Two”; played the role of the lovable and incredibly smart Sam Seaborn in The West Wing; and became literally the most believable health nut as Chris Traeger in Parks and Recreation. To kick off the weekend, watch him do some impressions on Ellen. Or, to get in the mood for his movie, watch him talk passionately about his role in the video below.

Male Gaze: Rob Lowe Is Getting Presidential