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Male Gaze: Scott Foley, Still the Hottest R.A. Ever

Though Scandal fans might be divided about whether they’re Team Fitz or Team Jake, it’s pretty safe to say everyone is team Scott Foley. Like our curly-haired friend Keri Russell, it was love at first sight when we met Noel, the endearingly tousled, super-sensitive, hazel-eyed R.A. across the hall in Felicity. Our love held strong through an ill-fated marriage to Jennifer Garner, some questionable hair moments, and a stint on Grey’s Anatomy — all the while, he was still our beloved Noel and couldn’t get much better in our eyes. Until the geniuses at Scandal put him in a uniform. Captain Jake Ballard, you had us at, well, anything.

Male Gaze: Scott Foley, the Hottest R.A. Ever