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Male Gaze: Scott Foley, Still the Hottest R.A. Ever

Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImafe

Though Scandal fans might be divided about whether they’re Team Fitz or Team Jake, it’s pretty safe to say everyone is team Scott Foley. Like our curly-haired friend Keri Russell, it was love at first sight when we met Noel, the endearingly tousled, super-sensitive, hazel-eyed R.A. across the hall in Felicity. Our love held strong through an ill-fated marriage to Jennifer Garner, some questionable hair moments, and a stint on Grey’s Anatomy — all the while, he was still our beloved Noel and couldn’t get much better in our eyes. Until the geniuses at Scandal put him in a uniform. Captain Jake Ballard, you had us at, well, anything.

Male Gaze: Scott Foley, the Hottest R.A. Ever