to brow or not to brow

Miley Cyrus Is Now Brow-Bald

Photo: mileycyrus/instagram

Provocateur, biggest feminist in the galaxy, and twerklet Miley Cyrus has shown the world that she isn’t afraid of many things. The newest fear she’s conquered? Eyebrow dependence. Instagram erupted yesterday when Miley posted a picture of herself with no visible eyebrows.

For extra shock value, the photo showed her nestled in the shoulder crook of the fully eyebrowed Miranda Kerr. Our guess is that Miley bleached her brows for a fashion shoot, since she tagged the fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott in the shot and, well, fashion loves an invisible eyebrow.

Ardent Smilers were not so taken with the look: Instagram user m0rekushplaz commented: “Notice how this photo hasn’t received 10,000 likes unlike your other photos.” But Smilers, she’s taking a stand! Miley Cyrus is free of the tyranny of brow architecture! She is free of the shackles of tweezing! Brow independence for all! At least they’re not slutty.

Miley Cyrus Is Now Brow-Bald