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Nifty Wrappers Hide Your Shameful Burger-Eating Face

The popular Japanese chain Freshness Burger noticed that no women were ordering the company’s biggest burger, so they hired an advertising agency to  solve their problem.

The problem: Women were ashamed to open their mouths wide enough to eat a big burger.

For Japanese women, having “ochobo” — small and modest — mouth, was regarded as cute and attractive. On the other hand, opening up mouth so large in public was regarded as rude and ugly. It is [considered] good manners to cover their mouth when they have to largely open up their mouth. This manner had stayed for [a] long time, even up to [the] present.

The advertising company created the “liberation wrapper” (the given name) — an envelope that holds the burger and covers the mouth of the eater. There is a pretty woman’s face on the wrapper. Her mouth is small, closed, and very dainty. She’s everything you want to be, but you can’t be, because you’re stuffing your face with a hamburger behind a mask.

The advertising agency commented:

Now they can enjoy the big burger, freeing their inner animal instinct.

Sales of the burger reportedly jumped 213 percent for the female customers.

Nifty Wrappers Hide Your Shameful Burger-Eating