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Oprah Plays With Proportions Again, Looks Awesome

Photo: Ruven Afanador

The awesome glow of Oprah’s Afro on the cover of her September issue barely faded before she went ahead and ignited another flame. This time, for the cover of O’s mega-anticipated “Favorite Things” issue, she wears a dramatic, crimson WHITE by Vera Wang gown. Maybe she’s emulating a really hot nutcracker or a sophisticated circus ringmaster. We’re not sure which makes sense, only that she looks incredible.

The dress, which Gayle King describes as both “va-va” and “voom,” is made of 160 yards of fabric, weighs 25 pounds, and has 165 rosettes applied by hand. Much like that Afro moment, Oprah really understands how proportions make you look like a supermodel in a photograph. My holiday card will most certainly feature me wearing one-and-a-half football fields of fabric, with a fifteen-foot train, next to a miniature Jimmy Kimmel.

Oprah Plays With Proportions, Looks Awesome