black friday

People Are Already Camping Out for Black Friday

Photo: Alex Horvath/Corbis

Ten days in advance of Thanksgiving — so, Monday — the truly devoted had already begun their preparations for the observance of Black Friday. These people have so much respect for this blessed occasion, they have forsaken their homes for ten long days and ten long nights. Unafraid of the unknown, undeterred by the cold, their faith keeps the glow from the Best Buy sign burning for over a week longer than the oil indicated.

USA Today reports that a young man in Akron, Ohio named Jonas Allooh left his mother to camp out in a ten-person tent outside Best Buy. He doesn’t have anything in particular on his list, he says, but he likes this holiday for its ritual gathering. Another man in the community, Tony Avitar, set up his tent next. He said he was inspired by Allooh’s devotion and he “came earlier than he had planned to because he saw the other tent was here.” An arms race of holiday spirit. (Note: the photo is of similar faithful souls in 2012.)

While others are cozy in their homes, laughing and cooking and eating and bickering and napping, these are the ones that keep the true faith.

People Are Already Camping Out for Black Friday