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Study: Straight Guys Don’t Believe in Bisexuality

Photo: RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP/Getty Images

Straight men are three times more likely to categorize bisexuality as “not a thing,” according to a University of Pittsburgh study. But really, it doesn’t have a great reputation overall. Almost 15 percent of the online sample of 1,500 did not consider bisexuality a legitimate sexual orientation. Participants responded more negatively to bisexual men than bisexual women. Researchers found that people who are female, white, or gay are more likely to believe in bisexuality, but it is stigmatized even within the queer community. Gay and lesbian participants responded significantly less positively toward bisexuality than bisexuals themselves. It matters, because hiding one’s sexual identity is shown to lead to depression and substance abuse, and can result in lower rates of HIV testing and treatment.

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Straight Guys Don’t Believe in Bisexuality