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#Lookadouche: Texas High School Students Revolt Over Sexist Speaker

There’s nothing like a bunch of righteous teens to make you believe in the democratic power of Twitter again. Students at a Dallas-area public high school caught the attention of local news media yesterday after they live-tweeted walking out of an afternoon assembly with Bible-based dating guru and motivational speaker Justin Lookadoo. Using the age-appropriate hashtag #Lookadouche, students called attention to Lookadoo’s retrograde Dateable Rules, which say “dateable girls know how to shut up” and “dateable guys keep women covered up.”

The assembly had been made optional after parents visited Lookadoo’s website and complained earlier this week, the Dallas Observer reports. Many thanks to these students, who gave up a hard-earned afternoon of Taco Bell and GTA 5 to call out sexism and entertain us.

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Texas HS Students Revolt Over Sexist Speaker