True Bromance Is Opening a Bar Named After Your Mutual Ex

In 2006, Rochelle Lee was the “gorgeous ingénue hosting at Pastis” and the girlfriend of “nightlife impresario” Brett David. In 2009, Rochelle (now a jewelry designer) met “whiskey authority” Steve Yorsz at one of Brett’s “legendary UWS barbecues,” and dated him for six months. Now, Rochelle’s is the name of the “neighborhood and destination whiskey bar” Brett and Steve will open today, short for Leave Rochelle Out of It. The real Rochelle will not only be let inside Rochelle’s, she will drink free for life. “My boyfriend said, ‘That’s weird,’ and then moved on,” Rochelle told the New York Post. “He’s not threatened. I still love these guys, but not as much as they love each other.” To which Brett added:

“I  talked Steve into starting a tradition where we send out holiday cards of the two of us every season — Christmas, Valentine’s Day. I guess we’re a package deal. These hulking, bearded, tatted-up dudes who live in ripped T-shirts gracing your holiday mantel.”

I wouldn’t want to come in between that kind of love either, Rochelle.

True Bromance: Naming a Bar After Your Mutual Ex