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A Truly Over-the-Top Statement Necklace

Photo: Richard Quindry/

Browsing Pinterest one night, I came across the image of a girl in a plain white tee wearing the most spectacular necklace. It resembled the fusion of every possible piece one might own. At first, it appeared to be the product of skillful layering, but the Frankenstein-like creation is actually a single piece, and the brainchild of designer Drew Ginsburg. Ginsburg’s career began with a photo journal of her tinkering with jewelry, and eventually, she amassed a huge social media following that spurred her to start her own line of the over-the-top necklaces called Dylanlex. The mix of chains, rhinestones, and spikes are what Mr. T would wear —  if he were a really sparkly girl who had her own style blog with a devoted following. While it might be tempting to throw this over a tight party dress, it will look best as the centerpiece of an otherwise simple outfit, like a button-down and jeans. Consider it necklace-stacking with all of the work done for you.

Dylanlex Bobbie necklace, $640 at Dylanlex

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