yeah it's a diet story

Watch: Rebecca Harrington Talks the Beyoncé Diet on Good Morning America

The Cut’s resident celebrity dieter, Rebecca Harrington — who once guzzled two raw eggs beaten in orange juice in the name of Greta Garbo, followed Gwyneth Paltrow’s strict “all good” eating regimen, and created tofu cheese in the spirit of Madge — most recently spent ten days of her life completing Beyoncé’s diets. She also lost ten pounds. This morning, Good Morning America invited Harrington to share the dieting secrets passed along from Queen Bey. Watch her talk the Master Cleanse, “pizza and wine,” and the “Post-Pregnancy Diet,” which involves sushi. Bonus: There are “before” and “after” pics of Harrington, if you were dying to know what she looked like ten days before the diet started.

Watch: Rebecca Harrington Talks the Beyoncé Diet