The Cut’s Week in Review, From Man-children to Doobies

This week’s pursuit of woman-relevant topics led Cut writers to explore PANK-hood, rethink “feminist nightmares,” and talk to poets in Antarctica about bunny boots. Remember, you can also feed your mind this week. 

1. What does it mean when Rihanna wears a doobie to the AMAs? Kathleen Hou explains.

2. Are you a spinster aunt? No way, writes Allison Davis, who says you’re a PANK. It’s all about quality time, fun, and Gaultier onesies.

3. What do you do if your boyfriend is on a vision quest that requires him not to have sex? We’ve got a testimony right here from a girl committed to a boy who’s committed to ayahuasca.

4. What should you read to prep for feasting? Charlotte Cowles spoke to the new “It” girls of the food world, sisters Laura and Danielle Kosann of New Potato. They have great taste.

5. Who’s a feminist nightmare? Not Michelle Obama, writes Kat Stoeffel in response to Politico’s claim last week.

6. What does feminism look like? Oh, Emily Shornick reports that stock photography just has a bundle of ideas about women.

7. What are literary man-children up to these days? E-mailing Adelle Waldman, author of The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. She shares notes from the dudes who feel they have a lot in common with her protagonist.

8. Is anyone spending Thanksgiving somewhere exciting? Kat Stoeffel interviewed poet Jynne Dilling Martin, who is in the middle of a six-week stint as the Antarctica artist-in-residence. Learn about bunny boots and relentless sunlight.

9. Who loves a “sickly color”? Topshop’s new design consultant, Geoffrey J. Finch, who talked to Hattie Crisell about his adoration of emojis and on-point pop-culture references.

10. What GIFs do I get everyone? The Cut has a holiday GIF guide. Sally Holmes has perfectly captured what it looks like when you see your middle-school best friend’s cute older brother at baggage claim (it’s Ron from Harry Potter, looking sheepish).

11. What do dream visions look like in photographs? Julie Ma spoke to photographers Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven about their new project, Reverie Sleep.

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