Every Time Someone Says ‘Make Love’ in a Woody Allen Movie

Luckily, I barely ever hear the phrase “making love,” because almost everyone agrees that it is terrible. When I do hear it, though, I wonder: Who is perpetuating “make love” as an acceptable description of sex?

Mystery solved. It’s Woody Allen. Unfortunately one of our most prolific filmmakers is also perhaps the world’s most prolific user of this nauseating set of words.

So, here it is, proof of Woody Allen’s love of making love in an unbearable supercut of every time someone says “make love” in all of his many movies. It’s basically impossible to complete this four-minute torture-fest. I got to 1:34 seconds (Crimes and Misdemeanors, 1989) in my first attempt, but I’m only one human person. If you got further, please let me know how you manage to block your brain from your ears.

Woody Allen Uses the Phrase ‘Make Love’ So Often