300 Sandwiches Couple Is 100 Out From Proposal

Photo: Shutterstock

The boyfriend who requested 300 sandwiches in exchange for a proposal is 100 sandwiches away from fulfilling his promise. So he wrote a short article in the New York Post about how best to make his — now public, and certainly scrutinized — proposal, and paraded through some over-the-top dream proposals, all with a “300” theme. Unfortunately, none included the feature film ab-fest 300.

But shall we talk numbers a moment? When Stephanie Smith revealed her project on September 24, she claimed there were 124 sandwiches left. 39 days later, there are 100 left! In her original story, Smith claimed she was making sandwiches for “for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert” in hopes of earning marriage ASAP, but somehow, she’s only made 24 sandwiches in the last two months! Is she slacking off? Letting viral fame go to her head? Or perhaps feeling ambivalent about wedding a man who demands sandwiches?

No, we understand, the deal wasn’t a sandwich every single day. Just 300 sandwiches generally — not including extra-credit sandwiches prepared on daytime TV. Smith is the one in control of the timing here. Maybe she will threaten to delay her sandwich operation and remain unwed. Or maybe she will present Schulte with 70 sandwiches in one turn and shout: WHERE ARE THE 300 JOHN CUSACKS YOU PROMISED ME? HAVE YOU CLONED HIM YET? And then they will have a “300 Sandwiches” movie deal starring John Cusack.

300 Sandwiches Couple Is 100 Out From Proposal