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Adam Levine Doesn’t Brush His Teeth in the Morning

Bland scruffball Adam Levine has a new commercial promoting his clothing line for Kmart. In it, he wakes up in his underwear (boxer briefs), races around a partied-out hotel suite at the Chateau Marmont, and rudely ignores the dark-haired girl (not fiancée Behati Prinsloo) slumbering next to him.

In addition to ignoring sleeping beauties and an unspoken dating code between Victoria’s Secret models, he ignores basic hygiene. He takes the time to put on Kmart jeans, a leather jacket, and a chambray shirt. He even finds S&M-looking nunchakus under the couch. But he doesn’t shower, floss, brush his teeth, or use mouthwash. Instead, he jumps off into his red sports car with gross morning breath and lint still collected in his bellybutton from the previous night’s activities. Ew. And so it continues: Adam Levine, Sexiest Man Alive, question mark.

Adam Levine Doesn’t Brush His Teeth