Alexander Wang Makes the Perfect Headphones With Dr. Dre

Collaborations come and go. Some are exceptional, others odd or merely opportunistic. But when we heard that Alexander Wang designed a limited-edition collection of ear-gear for Beats by Dr. Dre — including headphones, earbuds, and a speaker — we approved immediately. The sleek, sexy, matte black with pale gold hardware perfectly captures the hip-hop-hipster essence of a Wang handbag — and at $449 for headphones, is almost as expensive, but who cares? Part of the reason Wang rarely makes a misstep is because he follows his interests. He is known for his stellar music taste and, as he tells WWD, Beats are his headphones of choice. But the real question is, if Alexander Wang is wearing Limited Edition Alexander Wang Beats by Dre Headphones while listening to Dr. Dre, will the world explode?

Alex Wang Collaborated With Dr. Dre, Naturally