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André Leon Talley and Zappos Form Beautiful Union

Photo: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

Starting January 22, Zappos will be blessed with the gilded touch of fashion’s becaped gentle giant, André Leon Talley. WWD reports that the shoe e-peddler of “middle America” has tapped Talley to serve as artistic director, where he hopes to “create something unique,” specifically, Talley says, “a Web magazine within the Zappos Couture Web site, that conveys the immediacy and excitement of luxury retail products season by season.”

Talley, who left his post at Vogue after three decades, will oversee editorial content, including fashion shoots, videos, and trend picks for the couture section that sells high-end shoes — and soon, under his tutelage, apparel. Hopefully, there will be an entire cape section. We’re excited to see Talley-created content, and also excited for Kanye’s next rant against Zappos, as he’s surely out there somewhere, wondering why he didn’t get the job.

André Leon Talley, Zappos Form Beautiful Union