The Best, Worst, & Sheerest Fashion Moments of 2013

Photo: Getty Images

This time last year, we tried riding into 2013 on a wave of positivity, spotlighting only what we’d liked on the red carpet the previous year. So much for good vibes: In further proof that The Secret lied to us, all that positive energy brought only a year that was light on indelible moments and heavy on hideousness; ergo, this time around we have no choice but to commemorate both the bad and the beautiful. Join us as we share the gowns from 2013 that stuck with us for all the right and wrong reasons, and let’s hope that the universe notices we aren’t pandering to it anymore and rewards us with a whole lot of showstopping glamour in 2014.

Best, Worst, & Sheerest Fashion Moments of 2013