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In the U.K., Male Teachers Are Teaching Schoolboys the Art of Wooing

Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

According to the Telegraph, schoolboys in parts of England have no positive male mentors and watch too much porn, and therefore, have no idea how to court a lady. To address the problem, school administrators have begun to implement a curriculum that sounds like a Dickensian version of Hitch meets Rodger Dodger.

“Young men have a skewed view of what a relationship is like because of the easy access to pornography. It’s about improving self-esteem and helping them to grow up to be decent men,” one administrator told the Telegraph.

While most boys are left to learn about the desires of the opposite sex from D’Angelo lyrics or clandestine viewings of The Notebook, three U.K. schools have enlisted male staffers to teach young lads the basics of how to be a man in these modern, porn-y times, including: “how to ask a girl out, save money, treat women, and how to present yourself and shave.”

But wait, who has mentored these mentors! Is a female teacher going to weigh in? This could all be a little blind-leading-the-blind here, if these schools aren’t careful. Among those life skills already deemed crucial for the curriculum, we’d like to add the following: how to plan a date without a million texts back and forth, the proper time to play Sade during the seduction process, why you should wear deodorant, why calling your mom eight times a day is not a sexy quality, etc.

Also, is there the possibility of expansion with a satellite school for Brooklyn man-children, or perhaps an online certification course before one is allowed to message any women on OkCupid?

British Schoolboys Learning the Art of Wooing