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Britney Spears Goes to Bed at 9:30 to Stay Out of Trouble

Photo: Marmalade/Splash News/Corbis

In an interview with the Telegraph, Britney Spears divulged her secrets to avoiding the temptations that come with being a famous entertainment celebrity. Her simple trick? Put yourself to bed early. Like, 9:30 early, when all the trendies are just thinking about where to go for dinner:

I ended up liking going to bed early, in a weird way. At night, that’s when you mess up. So if you go to bed at 9.30, you’re good.

Britney knows of all the temptations of super cool late-night television, where they can show boobs and swear. She doesn’t give into the siren call of staying up so she can get a head start on the Wednesday crossword puzzle. Britney doesn’t need that stuff. It’s all fleeting. She just straps on an eye mask and tries really hard not to think about all the moon phases that she’s missing.

Britney Spears: In Bed At 9:30 to Avoid Trouble