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Of Course Victoria Beckham Has a Pink Christmas Tree

Photo: victoriabeckham/Instagram.com

Victoria Beckham works out with Tracy Anderson, but around holiday time, for extra cardio, she exercises like Mariah Carey on MTV Cribs and makes it rain pink tinsel. Beckham shared an Instagram shot of herself tottering (in heels) up a vertiginous ladder to treetop. But the tree was no ordinary tree–the tree was  baby pink. And the baby pink tree was to be festooned by the galaxy’s brightest, shiniest star: a miniature version of herself, in the form of a Posh Spice Barbie. A curtain of hair hides her face, but you can almost see her maniacal glee (and maybe a smile?) as she pierces the girly pink tree with the very symbol of her girl-power prison and egomania.

Of Course Victoria Beckham Has a Pink Tree