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The Cut’s Fashion World Secret Santa, Day 3: Mickey Boardman Gets a Gift

For a festive countdown to Christmas, the Cut brings back its Secret Santa game — but instead of showering ourselves with gifts, we enlisted fourteen fashion-world influencers and randomly assigned them each a Secret Santa as stylish as they are. We asked a mix of fashion editors, creative directors, and power bloggers to select two presents for their Secret Santa recipients: an “affordable” gift (something roughly $30 or less) and an “aspirational” one (what they’d purchase if money were no limit). The gifts have all arrived safely under our (virtual) Christmas tree, and the time for unwrapping has begun.

On Day Three of our Secret Santa unveiling, we find out what Mickey Boardman, Paper Magazine’s editorial director, received. Zoom into the image above to see the marvelous gifts he got from his Secret Santa, Tommy Ton,  and watch his sparkly reaction to the “affordable” gift in the video below.

Plus, the messages from Tommy to Mickey:

Affordable Gift
Little Mermaid iPhone Case, $25.99
“Depending on what phone he has —  hopefully he has an iPhone 5 — I would get him this iPhone case ‘cause I know how much he love a little bit of glitz in his everyday looks. And who doesn’t love a Little Mermaid iPhone case?” – SL

Aspirational Gift
Mr. Hare Freud Blue Boots, £650
“Joe Zee strikes me as a rather smart fellow as he’s always suited and booted whenever I see him at shows so I thought he might appreciate these beautiful boots in an unusual navy colour by British shoemaker Mr. Hare.  They’re called “Freud” boots – read into that what you will… ” – SL

Tune in tomorrow to see who receives the next gift. Happy holidays!

Illustrations by Clare Mallison.

The Cut’s Fashion Secret Santa: Mickey Boardman