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Decoding Drew Barrymore’s Nails to Learn About Her Womb

Photo: drewbarrymore/

When announcing her second pregnancy, Drew Barrymore criticized tabloids for stalking her when she tried to keep her first pregnancy private; this time, she said, she’d be more forthcoming in hopes of avoiding relentless speculation. Since then, Barrymore has been bombarding the public with pregnancy details. For example, this Instagram photo of a manicure. It speaks a thousand words, particularly about her baby’s gender.

Let us decode:

The right hand: Barrymore’s correct hand has been painted pink, baby pink, Pepto-Bismol-pink. All signs point to girl with this shade of princess. She has this hand hidden with her left hand, protecting it from the world’s gaze, just as she will protect her future child. It similarly sports dots: blue, or perhaps a purple. Held so close to her nose, it looks a little bit like Pippi Longstocking makeup.

The left hand: Barrymore’s sinister hand is blue, a baby blue, a true blue. Upon this expanse of varnished sky are dots —  perhaps pink dots, perhaps white dots. These splashes of light among the blue peer out like tiny snowflakes, like the special child that Barrymore will soon bear. And this hand should be given special consideration, for Drew Barrymore is a Famous Lefty, according to Perhaps the child will be a boy.

Significant absence: Olive. Though Barrymore’s first child is named Olive, she has elected not to paint any nails the color olive. Probably she loves Olive less now.

Are Barrymore’s multi-colored nails an attempt to interrogate preconceived notions of masculinity and femininity and suggest that gender is a spectrum? Don’t even get us started on her purple nails last week.

Decoding Drew’s Nails to Learn About Her Womb