The Dumbest GIFs From the Victoria’s Secret TV Special

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was a tightly edited and packaged affair – which meant no one fell on the runway, no boobs popped out, and nothing really off-brand happened during the hour-long TV spectacle. Glitter! Bouncy curls! Very spray-tanned legs! But we caught a few special moments – from Adam Levine’s self-congratulatory fist-pump when his fiancée Behati Prinsloo first appeared onstage, to Cara Delevingne flailing like a zombie in dishwashing gloves. The highlights, below:

Adam Levine is all, Yes! I’m taking that home tonight:

She’s already campaigning for her post-40 Herbal Essences career:

They even frolic better than we do:

Maybe he’s clapping because he doesn’t have to serenade his Victoria’s Secret girlfriend on stage this year:

Buoyant boobs and fake fires, a.k.a. everything you need to survive on a Victoria’s Secret desert island:

Cara doing her best Cara:

Cara doing a little too much Cara:

Valentino’s not impressed:

Only Taylor and Cara would have a secret handshake that involved the perfect butt-slap:

And when in doubt, just shake your sparkly bodysuited booty:

Dumb GIFs From the Victoria’s Secret TV Special