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Men and Women Only Agree On Mila Kunis’s Eyes, Megan Fox’s Chin

Has the notion of an “ideal forehead” ever crossed your mind? It’s totally Natalie Portman’s, right? Oh, wait, are you a dude? Then you probably prefer Jennifer Aniston’s forehead. Do you also spend all day dream-boarding your favorite celebrity foreheads? Let’s discuss, because the votes are officially in for best forehead.

A survey commissioned by makeup group Escentual (and reported in the Daily Mail) asked men and women to “build” a perfect face from various famous pretty women’s faces. You are Dr. Frankenstein, they said, now build your ideal woman! And move to a deserted island with her, but then spend your days weeping, because you realize she is fake and she melted into the sands like a mirage. 

The survey says men like blondeness and little noses and big lips, and women like dark hair and thick eyebrows — but really, truly, these Frankensteinian women look like only slightly different types of plastic. And you can call those gender wars off, by the way, because men and women have agreed that Mila Kunis has ideal eyes and Megan Fox has the perfect chin.

Everyone Loooves Megan Fox’s Chin