eyelid art is the new nail art

Eyelid Art Is the New Nail Art

Rejoice, people preparing for nail-art doomsday! Come out of your acetone-scented bunkers. Yes, nail art is still over (probably). But we have seen the future: eyelids. Your half-inch canvases just tripled in size.

Previously limited to boring routines like four-color smoky eyes, the eyelid is the new expansive space for your artistic talents.

Want to pay tribute to the Japanese place that Seamlessly delivers your lunchtime order? Honor them by painting a piece of salmon sushi just under your left eyebrow.

Was your favorite story growing up Make Way for Ducklings? Make way for the pictorial depiction above your epicanthic folds.

First seen on Laughing Squid, Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg is among the first to stake claim on the new beauty tableau with the artwork above, but other nimble-handed artists are sure to follow. The eyes are the new window to your nail-art-missing soul.

Eyelid Art Is the New Nail Art