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Gwyneth and Tracy Anderson Have a Goopy, Feel-Good New Exercise Show

Would you like a hug from Gwyneth Paltrow? Well, come December 16, you can get one — if you are on her new, feel-good AOL web series with Tracy Anderson, The Restart Project. In the trailer, Paltrow and Anderson dole out hugs (which must not feel very comfy or squishy, given their low body-fat percentages) and tears for women who have overcome adversity, injury, and setbacks through diet and exercise. Anderson asserts that the show’s purpose is not to feature women “getting into their skinny jeans” (perhaps they’re more into her groin-displaying leggings). Paltrow and Anderson appear to split up their roles: Gwyneth is the show’s Oprah, offering at one point a literal shoulder to cry on, while Anderson its Bob Harper/Jillian Michaels, helpfully teaching one woman a low-impact side-squat exercise. We knew butt exercises would work their way in there somehow.

Gwyneth’s Goopy, Feel-Good New Exercise Show