How to Kiss Like Miranda Kerr

Photo: Marianna Massey/Getty Images

There are a lot of things to envy when it comes to Miranda Kerr. She has an adorable baby, half a dog, and almost definitely prances around nude or in a silky robe looking perfect and stretch-mark-free, daily. But one thing the former Victoria’s Secret model does better than most other enviable people we know, is deliver an air kiss.

Prep your sex-bomb-ish hair.

Flip that hair with enough enthusiasm that the Herbal Essences hair models die a little bit on the inside. Extra points if you can do it in slow mo.

Get your wink ready— it is an underused move that’s essential to Miranda’s success.

Purse your lips.

Assume the appropriate posture and prepare to lean into it.

Decide that you don’t at all look stupid closing your eyes and really committing to this.

Figure out what sassy face you’re going to assume post-smooch.

Decide whether you’re going to commit to a full post-kiss wave.

… or a clam-shell-opening half-wave.

And start blowing kisses all over the place, just like Miranda Kerr. You can even add a thoughtful message if you’ve really got your act together.

How to Kiss Like Miranda Kerr