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James Franco Runs His Instagram Like the Movie Industry

Photo: James Franco / Instagram

James Franco — dabbler of our time, dilettante for the ages — is now taking a stab at media criticism for the New York Times. He has some insights from Instagram that he wishes to share.

First, he says he doesn’t trust a person who doesn’t take selfies: It’s the modern way “to look someone right in the eye.” More important, though, Franco explains that a successful Instagram account is run like the film industry. In that it is a magical concoction of creativity, innovation, talent, and great lighting? Nah, nah. In that it’s a balance of selfishness and selfie-ness:

I’ve found that Instagram works much like the movie business: You’re safe if you trade “one for them” with “one for yourself,” meaning for every photo of a book, painting or poem, I try to post a selfie with a puppy, a topless selfie or a selfie with Seth Rogen, because these are all things that are generally liked.

Give America what it wants for Christmas: squished faces, a puppy, and Seth Rogen.

James Franco Has Some Instagram Advice for You