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Jennifer Aniston Admits She Was Way Awkward in Her Thirties

Photo: LUCY NICHOLSON/AFP/Getty Images

Jennifer Aniston says she, like all people, had an awkward phase. But unlike normal dweebs who suffered through braces and bad preteen fashion choices, Aniston claims to have been totally chill and cool until her thirties:

There’s nothing to worry about — although I don’t think I had a care in the world at 25, either. That all started in my 30s, my awkward phase. I’m a little bit of a late bloomer!

Aniston does what she wants, when she wants. She’ll have kale chips if she feels like it. She’ll hang out by herself by a fountain. Woman was in no rush to get that awkward stage over with.

Jennifer Aniston Says She Was Awkward in Her 30s