Justin Bieber Was Going for a Frank Sinatra Look

Photo: Getty Images

At the world premiere of Justin Bieber’s Believe, Justin Bieber was going for a look. He wore a red Balmain suit, with the trouser legs just as slouchy as could be; he was a human Christmas stocking with all the presents piling at the bottom. On his feet were white tasseled Del Toro smoking slippers, because he doesn’t give two toots about your Labor Day. His stylist Ugo Mozie divulged:

I was told he’d be introducing his new artists to the world on the red carpet, so I instantly thought ‘Rat Pack’ — Justin Bieber as Frank Sinatra of course. As I put his look together, the red just took over. Red is powerful, sexy and masculine.

Oh, by Frank Sinatra, did you mean this man? Yes, they are quite easy to confuse. No, no problem at all, just glad we clarified.

Justin Bieber Was Going for a Frank Sinatra Look