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Kanye and Kim Plan Super-Subtle Wedding at Versailles

Photo: Maya Robinson and Photos by Corbis, Getty and Shutterstock.com

Kim Antoinette and King Kanye XIV have reportedly selected their wedding venue. It’s Versailles. And no, not some fancy banquet hall in Florida that’s named Versailles, but the actual Palace of Versailles in Île-de-France. Which is perfect, because honestly, unless they rented the entire city of Las Vegas, there are very few places befitting Kanye’s megalomania and Kim’s gaudy, sorry-not-sorry brand of fancy.

While Us Weekly’s reports are still nascent (please, God in heaven, let them be accurate), a source has told them that “Kanye has never been married and wants a big [wedding] and is “not working with a budget.”

This might be ‘Ye’s  first wedding, but Kim already has quite the legacy: Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event (Kris Humphries, you were never a part of this, not for one second), was a stunning, $10 million monument to the Kardashian universe complete with three wedding dresses and a $20,000 wedding cake.

Kimye’s relationship has been steeped in luxury since Day One, and their engagement alone was enough to blow Kim’s first alter out of the water. One can only expect that Kanye will stop at nothing to top Kim’s First Fairytale. Kimye’s Fairytale is going to be their magnum opus.

But there are so many questions: Which avant-garde designer will be tapped for Kim’s dress? Can the wedding recessional be a “Bound 2” tribute on horseback? Will all of the bridesmaids please wear custom nuptial Margiela masks? Little North will wear a miniature powder wig, right? Can someone hurry up with those damn croissants? There better be towers of them adorning the Gallery of Battles!

Let them eat million dollar cake!  Vive le roi soilel! L’ etat c’est Kimye! This shinding is going to be magnifique.

Kimye Plans Super-Subtle Wedding at Versailles