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Kanye Kommissions ‘Warhol’ Portrait of Kim

Photo: Getty Images, Rex USA

When you love a woman as much as Kanye loves Kim, it’s really not enough to put her naked and nippleless on a motorcycle in your music video.  Just like a modern-day Jack in Titanic, Kanye knows real everlasting romance means capturing your girlfriend’s visage eternally in a work of art.

If he could, Kanye would have gotten Andy Warhol to do it, because who better to capture the essence of reality TV’s finest creation than the king of Pop Art? But even Yeezus isn’t that powerful, so instead, he just settled for a Warhol: Andy’s cousin Monica, who lives in Tuscon, Arizona.

Monica, who is the sole proprietor of “the new Warhol format,” makes trippy, brightly colored silkscreens and painted works from photos. Her subjects and fans include celebrities like Flo Rida and Lenny Kravitz. (Different from the old Warhol format?) As she tells the New York Post, even though she’s never technically “studied” Andy’s work and “never owned a book about him until a year ago,” she knows that her cousin would have adored Kim K. “She’s an icon. She’s famous for nothing. Andy would have loved her. Kim is beautiful. She’s so manufactured. She looks like a human Barbie,” she said to the PostKim, Kanye, Monica: We could not imagine a more perfect trifecta.

Kanye Kommissions ‘Warhol’ Portrait of Kim