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Kate Middleton ‘Dares’ to Wear a Dress Three Times

Photo: Getty Images

Last week, Keira Knightley dared to wear a perfectly lovely, versatile dress for the third time. It happened be Chanel, and her wedding dress, and it looked great at each of the three events to which she wore it. But this was news! Everyone was shocked! And yesterday, Kate Middleton did the same with a black-and-cream Temperley London dress, for an event at the Natural History Museum. Us Weekly reports that Kate previously wore the gown in January 2012, to a War Horse premiere, and to a St Andrews University event in November 2012. Who cares?

Yes, some royal families are essentially professional clotheshorses (see: the entire Monaco clan), but the duchess is different in that she purportedly pays for her own clothes. She will “recycle” clothes, goddamnit, and she will do so again and again. As she should! This is what humans do! We re-wear clothes; even Anna Wintour recommends it. Yes, it’d be fun outfit porn to see Middleton in one designer concoction after another, but apparently, there’s greater freedom in her hair budget than her clothing allowance. Now, what would be shocking is if Middleton managed to pull a Keira and re-wear her Alexander McQueen wedding dress. It might be a great outfit for a fro-yo run, or for buying some new egret plates.

Kate Middleton Dares to Wear a Dress Three Times