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Madonna Wore a Whole Lot of Material to the Airport

Photo: Ron Asadorian / Splash News/Corbis

Despite unseasonably warm weather in New York yesterday, Madonna arrived for a flight at JFK prepared for a snowstorm — or some chilly event where a fur parka, leather pants, and wedge boots are appropriate. While we have to imagine that Madge was boiling in all those layers (not to mention cursing herself when she had to unlace those shoes at security), she did at least have some idea of physical comfort in mind when getting dressed. If you must wear leather pants on a plane, baggy is better (though you might as well just go for expensive leggings), that big scarf could double as a makeshift pillow, and the bag is big enough to store plane snacks. So if you’re traveling in the next few days, take a nod from Madonna and bundle up as if you’re going to the North Pole.

Madonna Wore a Lot of Material to the Airport